Channel 4’s latest Freak Show

Proof, if ever it was needed, that Britain is rapidly going the way of the dogs, was this latest in a depressing litany of ‘circus freak show’ format reality shows.  Dr Christian‘s approach to kick-starting the healthy eating habits of the unlucky contestants was classic odd couple stuff: to pair an obese patient with an under-fed peer and then have them set-about consuming each other’s hopelessly thought-out meals.  Rob, used to 7,000 kcal a day,  struggles with a mere ‘salami stick’ for lunch, whilst Hayley, his underweight opposite, struggles to demolish gargantuan platefuls of cheap, processed meat, doubtless fried in vegetable oil.  I’m struggling to see what all this achieves, other than purely as a source of entertainment at the expense of often quite troubled individuals.


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