Heavy Squats and Pulled Pork: a guide to manipulating myostatin, testosterone, leptin and growth hormone. Part 2

This article in the European Journal of Nutrition indicates that undue fuss over exact pre and post workout feeding regimes and macro-nutrient ratios might be all for nothing.  A group of 10 ‘untrained’ college men participated in a study where they conducted three resistance training sessions: 3×10 reps (80% of 1 rep max – although how you work that out in an untrained athlete is interesting) for hack squat, leg press and leg extension.  2 hours prior, and 6 hours post exercise, muscle biopsies were taken and analysed for mRNA fold-changes in myostatin.  None of the feeding regimes appeared to affect the expression of myostatin.  However, biopsies post training showed significant  reduction in myostatin expression (p <0.05).

Does this have significance for those who already train regularly?  Would the same down regulation appear with training below 80% of 1 rep max?

Food for thought…

Standby for my next post, which will be on acid/base balance, and the role of dietary electrolytes and macronutrients in maintaining this balance (in particular, the role of acid load on bone demineralisation).


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