“Big Food” faces court date?

As reported by the BBC News website today, the American lawyer who took on Big Tobacco and won (with an out of court settlement) is setting his sights on what he calls “Big Food”: the large processed food manufacturers such as Kraft who market products that, despite labels claiming the product to be healthy, actually contain added sugar.  A scan of any supermarket shelf, for example of reduced or fat-free dairy products, reveals the problem: typically fat is replaced by sugar (in all its synonyms).  That the companies willfully label these products as healthy, knowing the contribution they must be making to the current obesity epidemic in America, is the basis of the case.

Just as large manufacturers such as Philip Morris produce a variety of tobacco ‘brands’, distinct only in the minds of their marketing departments, so industrial giants such as Kraft produce a wide variety of processed food.  Any concessions these large manufacturers are forced to make will have a major impact upon, at the very least, labelling on processed foods. If a ‘smoking gun’ might be found, in this case internal documents that tacitly admit the culpability of the manufacturers in contributing to the obesity epidemic, then the floodgates will be well and truly open for class-action lawsuits. Fingers crossed some unredacted memos appear!

Image courtesy of Convergence Alimentaire.


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