“Homo sapiens, the first truly free species, is about to decommission natural selection, the force that made us …. soon we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become.”

E O Wilson

My name is Nick,  I’m a graduate with an Honours degree in Zoology.  I have recently decided to pursue my dream of a career in medicine.  I’ve always thought that the best way to learn something is to try to explain it, so hence this blog!  It will have an unashamedly ‘technical’ bias as I am a bit of a geek…

FinalPrimate came about after the realisation that I was constantly being quizzed by friends and family about the choices I make with my health; especially what I consider to be a good diet and worthwhile, efficient physical training strategies that optimise mobility and strength.  Key to my approach are:

  • Optimised strength training
  • Manipulating hormone production through changes to diet and exercise
  • Conditioning (mimicking paleolithic-era environmental interaction & military training)
  • Avoiding certain glycoproteins (specifically gliadin and glutenin, which together form gluten)
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Balancing polyunsaturated fat intake

The more I have researched, the more I have found received (western) wisdom on these topics somewhat at odds with the reality of good health.  The posts on this blog aim to discuss my thoughts on these and other topics such as dietary guidelines, human physiology, ethnographic studies, epigenetics & nutrition.  With time, perhaps some sense of organisation will reveal itself!

The name of the blog, FinalPrimate, inspired by the quotation at the top of this page, is my attempt at summarising the predicament we find ourselves in: spoilt for choice, surrounded by cheap, designed pseudofoods and labour-saving devices, divorced from our true environment, with less and less emphasis on personal responsibility to maintain good health.  Medicine is a wonderful thing, but we must actively fight all our lives to stay healthy!




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